Nathan Gumba

All right, let’s do this. It’s lore time!” Gingerbread Guy yelled as he cartwheeled into the abyss.

As a comic book and mythology enthusiast, Nathan B. Gumba can proudly say that he has toured every world the multiverse of imagination has to offer. Nothing is too weird for this guy—one minute, he could be writing about vigilantes lurking in shadows, and the next, talking dogs in speedos (he has made a mental note to revisit this particular idea soon). Whether a poem anthology or a book series, Nathan’s versatility and passion help him tackle any writing project he puts his mind to.

Nathan is also into music—he’s the lead guitarist, co-vocalist, and co-songwriter of two bands he formed with friends, and was a member of his school’s all-male school acapella group. Currently, he’s on Soundcloud under the name Nate G, and he uploads original songs on a semi-regular basis.

Nathan’s ready to make his mark in the canvas of creativity.

Watch out, world.

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